A Long Time in the Making

So, I recently finished three of the hardest years of my life aka law school. Now, I’m sitting and waiting for one test that was spread out over two days to tell me whether or not (despite spending thousands upon thousands of dollars) I am a lawyer. In the meantime, I have to find something to do with my time.

Don’t let anyone lie to you, law school is beyond stressful, however, no one tells you that the most stressful time it now. When you’re just sitting around, with nothing to do. So I’m doing something.

During law school, cooking and baking calmed me down. I regained a sense of control I felt I’d lost and was also able to make others happy in the process. So, in order to make as many people happy as possible, I want to share what I know. I want to make myself happy by constantly pushing myself to try new things. I only promise two things: (1) good or bad, the outcome of my attempts will always be shared on this blog, and (2) the recipes shared on this blog will be for this purpose only, deliciousness.



2 thoughts on “A Long Time in the Making

  1. Lauren,

    This is great!! Haha although I can’t try them now I can’t wait until I can try them! (With you cooking them of course!) And Angela’s right I know that you passed it!!

    I will be waiting with much anticipation for the next blogs! It’s already saved in my favorites. I know that this will be great for both your sanity and for your cooking records!

  2. I love your recipies they are very nice I will be trying the cup cakes over the weekend for the holidays. Thank you for starting this great blog.

    Ps. I know that you have already passed your exam.

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