Product Review: Nordic Ware Cake Pop Kit

There are few things I enjoy more than baking (which leads to the question of why law school, but that’s another post for another day). Cake balls for me are particularly fun because I get to be a kid and mash an entire cake into crumbs and then mix in icing and play with the result. But I had an idea that I wanted to try and I thought the addition of the icing would be too much.

So, I decided to try one of those new fangled cake pop molds. This one to be exact. The product included two trays, one top (the side with holes) and one bottom and two “keys” to lock the trays while baking. The product says it’s nonstick, but suggests the pan be greased and floured before use.

So onto the review.


  • I like the color.
  • When I could get a cake pop out of the pan intact, they were pretty good.
  • It was nice not having to take the extra steps of crumbling, mixing, and rolling.


  • When I did not grease AND flour the non-stick pan, the baked balls rarely (I’m talking 3/12) came out intact.
  • Even when I greased and floured the pan, I still had to wash each tray between batches.
  • If I was trying to get actual cake balls to dip or roll, there was a seam at the middle where the pans did not exactly meet which would have required some steady handed snipping (aka time) to make them even.

Verdict: Buy with caution.

Reasoning: All in all, I liked the idea of the pan, but the execution was lacking. Maybe it’s because I always enjoyed getting out a little anger when I mashed the cake, but I would not use this when I am making cake balls that are supposed to be presented as cake balls.


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